Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This Past Week

Lets get us all caught up. Sunday marked the first time this season the Cubs have swept a series and won 3 games in a row as well. 3 GAMES IN A ROW!!! Not that hard is it? Well it is the Cubs. Monday, the nation was thrilled to have the NFL lockout end and football will be played this fall and winter. All along I have wanted football to be played like every other American, but now that its here, I'm jacked up. I can't wait for the Bears to start playing again, to see what Jay Cutler can do, to see Urlacher, Briggs, and Peppers crush the opposing offense. My one complaint though goes towards the media world. With the the league reopen and teams reporting to training camp, who honestly cares if Jay Cutler broke off his engagement? I'm sick of hearing about it from everyone. How about we talk about how he looks for the upcoming season.

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