Friday, July 29, 2011

Roy Williams To Bears; G-Reg Moves To Another 7th Floor In Carolina

     A lot of buzz has been surrounding the Bears today. First, Tight End and first round pick Greg Olsen was traded to the Carolina Panthers for a 3rd round draft pick. A lot of fans have been upset with the trade but on the other side of the coin, Olsen simply could not have fit the Mike Martz offense. Olsen was a great receiving tight end and seemed to have great hands, but with Martz, the tight end position is just to be used as blocking. Personally, I was upset at first, but Olsen will be better with a team that will throw to him much more. For the Bears, a blocking tight end will help the struggling offensive line with the blocking.  The Bears have addressed this with the signing of Matt Spaeth, former Pittsburgh Steelers tight end and releasing Brandon Manumaleuna, or better known to fans as  ManumaUSELESS.
     The other news breaking signing that the Bears made today was picking up Wide Receiver Roy Williams, who recently was cut from the Dallas Cowboys. I'm not going to talk stats, but I will say this, I have no clue what to think of this trade. First of all, the Bears, in my opinion, need to address the offensive line the most. Jay Cutler will throw you the ball, IF HE IS STANDING UP! Sure, is Cutler a Manning or Brady? No. But he can't look stellar when he is sitting on his ass because he doesn't have any blocking up front. There have been many quarterbacks in the history of this fine game who shined with sub par receivers and the offensive line made that happen by not letting the opposing defense get to him.
     With that said, I don't know what to think of Williams. He is a guy who's toughness is in question, who would not run routes through the middle, has short alligator arms and who will simply drop the ball. He wasn't what he was suppose to be in Detroit or Dallas, so he will have to prove himself in Chicago. His ego is also a big concern for me. One thing I respect about Jay Cutler, is he is not a flashy guy and it seems that he doesn't want his teammates (at least the ones on offense) to be the same, or he simply will not throw the ball to you. Roy Williams seems to have one of the biggest egos in the game, which he needs to tone down if he wants to make it in this city. As for everybody believing he will be great for Mike Martz, since they are reunited, let me say this.....shut up. For those who don't know or forgot, Martz and Williams were known to have screaming matches, not disagreements, screaming matches all the time in Detroit. I'm done with the Bears for the day, they're making my head spin and giving me grey hairs.
     Before I go, first round draft pick and tackle Gabe Carimi agreed to terms with the Bears, hopefully this works out for the best.

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