Friday, August 5, 2011

Richard Dent: Another Sports Miracle

          Richard Dent was a skinny kid in high school and college. That's why its surprising that he actually made it into the NFL as a defensive end. Dent was taken in the 8th round  (203rd overall pick) in the 1983 draft. Nearly three decades later, Dent will enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.
     Dent, who would later be part of the 1985 Bears, was considered to be a bust after he was drafted. But defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan saw something in Dent. With Ryan's confidence, Dent became a part of the long and proud tradition of the Chicago Bears defense. Dent won Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl XX. In the game, Number 95 racked up 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and a blocked pass. Dent was even featured in the "Super Bowl Shuffle" with his notable line, "We stop the run, we stop the pass, I like to dump guys on their ass." 
     Dent played for the Bears from 1983 to 1993 and later San Francisco in 1994 , a second stint with the Bears in 1995, the Indianapolis Colts in '96 and finally with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1997. With the 49er's Dent would win his 2nd Super Bowl in Super Bowl XXIX. Dent finished his career with over 100 sacks and selected to 4 Pro Bowls, as well as 5 All-Pro teams. Dent will now join fellow 1985 Bears in Canton that includes Dan Hampton, Mike Singletary and Walter Payton.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

News In The City

Here is a rundown of the last few days in Chicago sports:
-the Cubs won 4 straight games against the Pittsburgh Pirates last night, 1-0. Shortstop Starlin Castro hit a home run in the 8th.
- The White Sox were absolutely destroyed by the New York Yankees 18-7. I will remember this game, not because I was there, but because my dad, who is a Mets fan, started cheering for the Yankees after the 2nd inning because the Sox were that terrible.
-The Blackhawks extended forward Patrick Sharp's contract for another 5 years.
- The Bears are having their first full pad practice tonight. Everyone on the team is participating in the practice, hopefully we will start to see how some of these signings will be.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

St. Louis Spitter

     The other night, St. Louis Cardinal's catcher Yadier Molina was up at the plate in the 10th inning against the Milwaukee Brewers. Molina struck-out looking by home plate umpire Rob Drake. Instantly, Molina starts screaming at Drake, then bumping him with his chest multiple times, then finally spitting on him what appeared to be several times.
     When it comes to sports, I try to be unbiased as possible, so don't take this as a Cubs fan going after Molina because he's on the Cardinals. NO. Roberto Alomar did it, one of the game's all time best and it wasn't right then and it's not now even with the Hall of Fame tag put on the infielder. Anyways, Molina overreacted and showed how 'classy' (wink, wink) he truly is by acting like he is trying to attack Drake, a man who is just doing his job. Molina, who started a brawl between the Reds and Cardinals last season, will most likely hefty fines and a huge suspension from the league for this. I don't get this team. Tony LaRussa is a dick, Molina is too. What the hell do they have to whine about? Also, listen to the Cardinals TV and radio stations DEFENDING Molina with the link below.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Random Happenings

     Well, there isn't a whole lot to talk about or break news about.  The White Sox ended a home series against the Boston Red Sox, losing the series 1-2. They open up a 4 game set at U.S. Cellular Field with the New York Yankees. I'm glad to still see Gavin Floyd and John Danks still on the Southside. GM Kenny Williams was thinking of trading the two before the trade deadline on July 31st, something I don't quite understand as they have been the key to the teams success as they are only 4 games out first place in the AL Central. 
     The Cubs FINALLY won their first game on this current road trip against arch-rival St. Louis Cardinals. The Cubs were on a 5 game skid prior to the 6-3 victory. According to Jayson Stark of, the Cubs are one of the biggest losers (surprise,surprise) when it came to this years trading before the deadline. The Cubs ranked as one of the lowest teams, biggest losers, only sending Kosuke Fukudome to Cleveland, taking most of his salary and getting nothing instant in return. This feels about right.
     Over to the Bears, negotiations are still going on between the Bears and running back Matt Forte. Forte, 26, is looking for a contract extension from his rookie contract. If the Bears blow this one, Jerry Angelo better pack up and hide the rest of his life since every Bears fan in the nation will probably riot and seek the GM with all of past week's headaches. 
     This one is a little late but took a back-burner to all of the Bears news, the Blackhawks are interested in goaltender Ray Emery, who they invited to their training camp and have until October to sign him or not. Emery is making a comeback into the NHL since he was diagnosed with avascular necrosis, where blood stops flowing to the ball of the hip. Since then, Emery has recovered and recorded 7-2 record with a .926 save percentage last season with the Anaheim Ducks. The Blackhawks will most likely go with Corey Crawford to goal tend this season. Alexander Salak, who the Blackhawks signed in May will most likely contend with Emery for the number 2 spot as goalie. The Blackhawks should be wise on sign their backup goalie since Crawford has not fully proven himself in full season in the NHL as a starter. 
     Also, in the NFL, WR Randy Moss hung up the cleats today and is leaving the NFL.