Wednesday, August 3, 2011

St. Louis Spitter

     The other night, St. Louis Cardinal's catcher Yadier Molina was up at the plate in the 10th inning against the Milwaukee Brewers. Molina struck-out looking by home plate umpire Rob Drake. Instantly, Molina starts screaming at Drake, then bumping him with his chest multiple times, then finally spitting on him what appeared to be several times.
     When it comes to sports, I try to be unbiased as possible, so don't take this as a Cubs fan going after Molina because he's on the Cardinals. NO. Roberto Alomar did it, one of the game's all time best and it wasn't right then and it's not now even with the Hall of Fame tag put on the infielder. Anyways, Molina overreacted and showed how 'classy' (wink, wink) he truly is by acting like he is trying to attack Drake, a man who is just doing his job. Molina, who started a brawl between the Reds and Cardinals last season, will most likely hefty fines and a huge suspension from the league for this. I don't get this team. Tony LaRussa is a dick, Molina is too. What the hell do they have to whine about? Also, listen to the Cardinals TV and radio stations DEFENDING Molina with the link below.

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