Saturday, July 30, 2011

They Really Do 'Stinks'

     Wow. Is all I can say. Wow. I understand the Cubs suck and I see why they are 23 games below the .500 mark, but today's game against the St. Louis Cardinals proved why the Cubs are truly terrible.
      The Cubs scored 5 unearned runs in the 1st inning on 2 hits. The Cubs would have a total of 3 hits, the last coming in the 9th inning, a double from Marlon Byrd. During this road trip so far, the Cubs have put together a combined 6 runs. Now its up to 11. After the Cubs scored those 5 runs, they should have called it quits and took a forfeit loss because the Cards would go onto destroy Chicago, 13-5.
     I don't know what to say. I didn't think that the Cubs were going to be good this year, but I thought they would be contenders in April, maybe bring it into May. Now the Cubs have 42 wins into late July with 65 losses and it seems like there will be no future for the team. Owner Tom Ricketts says that the only thing wrong with the Cubs are the injuries and that he is still very happy with manager Mike Quade. I'm truly enraged with this team and with the entire organization. I've always been the fan who sticks by the team and still go to games, but I don't want to watch this team, I don't want to give money to this team. I'm always going to be a Cubs fan but you can't always be happy and content with something you love and care about....  

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